1) What is Transhiva all about?

Since 2000 Transhiva has proved to be a pioneer in providing transcription & translation services, language solutions, web solutions, database management etcetera to most of the companies all around the world. Transhiva is the first choice for most of the global customers to be the partners. Apart from providing services, we strive very hard to meet the business targets of our customers.

2) What are the services that Transhiva offers?


The services that we offer are legal transcription services, video transcription services, audio transcription services, webinar transcription services, market research transcription services, general transcription services, medical transcription services, academic research transcription, media transcription services, business transcription etcetera.


• Spanish Translation

• Japanese Translation

• German Translation

• French Translation

• Legal Translation

• Medical Translation

• Business Translation

Database Management

• BI & Data Warehousing

• Content Management

• Grid Computing

• Database Upgrade

• High Availability

• Manageability

• Performance Tuning

• Information Integration

• Information Lifecycle Management

• Advanced Compression

• Backup and Recovery Review

• Database Installation Including RAC

• Database Design

• Clustering

• Security Audits and Compliance

Virtual Assistance

• Admin Task

• Personal and Executive Assistance

• Social Media Management

• SEO & Internet Marketing

• Real Estate Task

• Customer Support

• E-Mail Support Services

Web Solutions

• Web Designing

• Graphic Designing

• Logo Designing

• E-Commerce

• SMS & PPC Marketing

• Application Development

• Domain Registration

• Web Hosting

• Content Marketing

• SEO Marketing

• 2D & 3D Marketing

• Mobile App Designing

3) Are all the services rendered by Transhiva are cost-effective?

When it comes to charges, Transhiva provides you multiple numbers of attractive options of pricing which helps you to save more than 40-50% of your operating costs. Although we provide our customers with cost-competitive services, we do not compromise on quality and service. For more details, you can refer our Pricing section.

4) What Turn around Time does Transhiva furnish?

Turnaround time depends mainly on the requirement, content and quality. One of the benefits that we extend to our clients to meet their transcription needs is our quick turnaround time. If you want your work to be rescued within a fast turnaround time, then you have reached the right destination.

Our professionals strive to complete the given assignment within a fast turnaround time, which varies between 3 to 5 business days depending on the quality of the audio and the accent used in the audio/video file. If you submit a low quality audio/video file, the turnaround time may get extended. Moreover in case of IT solutions the turnaround time entirely depends on the length of the project. In case of urgency, contact us and we will work together to meet your deadline.

5) What type of extra charges are involved for rush work?

Extra pay is charged in case clients request to have their jobs done during off-hours and on weekends.

6) Can Transhiva guarantee the confidentially of the Client Information?

It’s our solemn duty to create a culture of confidentiality in our company. We ensure security, privacy & confidentiality at every level of our process. We hire the best security measures to ensure that all the client information is kept secure.

The following is a list of some of the security measures that we adopt at Transhiva:

• We sign a NDA with our employees at the start of employment.

• We have firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) for inbound and outbound security.

• Floppy, CD drives, USB ports and all other external storage devices are removed from all our systems.

• All the systems, e-mails and user accounts are password protected.

• We have installed 'anti-virus' software at server, user and client level.

• Authentic employees are only allowed access inside our buildings.

• We have installed surveillance cameras throughout our Premises.

7) Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we can offer a free trial service for 5 minutes of audio/video recording especially for new clients in case of transcription solutions. We are confident enough that you will be surely pleased with the quality and efficiency of our service and economies that we have to offer. Just send us a small sample of 5 minutes of your audio/video file and we can transcribe the sample audio/video file and send it back to you.

We don’t offer free trial service for web solutions. Demo files and sample projects are available on the website. You can very well go through it.

8) How can you receive back the assignment on completion?

On completion of the assignment as per your preference, we will either email or upload the word documents or website on the FTP assigned to you.

9) How can you get price quote?

Transhiva delivers a very easy way to get the price quote. You can request a quote for any service through GQ (Get Quote) page in our website. After the thorough analysis and evaluation of the project and depending on the size of the project, we will provide you a quote, a detailed proposal, methodology, delivery agenda, project status, deliverables, payment structure and other information specifically applicable to the project. You can also use the cost calculator for the exact amount.

10) What payment options are made available by Transhiva?

All the payments would be done mostly through gateways and credit cards. For large projects, payment options can be discussed upfront at the proposal stage which would be suitable for both of us.

11) How can I get online transcription services?

Simply upload the file to be transcribed on our website through your user account. We will provide you the rate quotes. After confirmation, we will get your job done within the specified time. Then you can make the payment.

12) In what formats do the transcript files are being transcribed?

As per the client requirement we transcribe the file. The transcripts are mainly provided in Microsoft Word (.doc), Open Document Text (.odt), Adobe PDF (.pdf), plain text (.txt) formats etcetera.

13) Which languages are supported for transcription in Transhiva?

Only English is being supported for transcription in Transhiva. However for translation we support multiple languages.

14) Do Transhiva have a qualified team to meet the work requirements?

Transhiva comprises of a much diversified team of professionals. All our team members are highly proficient in English. They are all graduates and have specialized technical qualification and skills. We have a very well established organization including a variety of systems with a huge range of different operating systems to meet our client’s requirements and stringent deadlines.

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Transhiva, wholly owned by Skyscraper Solutions, is serving the global market since 2000.

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