Transhiva understand that word-by-word transcription is not the definition of a good transcription. We’ve been trusted to transcribe interviews for some of the biggest and most discerning brands in the world. We have proficient and qualified interview transcribers who are well-aware with the cultural sensibilities and ethos of different countries and understand the tonality of the recording before transcribing it into English language. Our team provides accurate interview transcription services with a quick turnaround time at cost-effective prices and even ensures full-time and long term support to both big and small organizations. Transhiva hold expertise in the following types of interview transcription.

Telephone Interview Transcription

Teleconference Transcription

Research Interview Transcription

One-on-One Interview Transcription

Police Interview Transcription

News Interview Transcription

Legal Interview Transcription

Radio Interview Transcription

Job Interview Transcription

Focus Group Interview Transcription

Journalist Interview Transcription

Group Discussion Transcription

Market Research Transcription

Verbatim Transcription

Interview transcription is a generic term that refers to a word-to-word textual description of a recorded or live interview. In simple words, it can be defined as a conversion of any question-answer session between two or more people, a one-on-one interview or a telephonic interview conversation into written documents. Interview transcription proves to be very essential in identifying the key topics discussed in an interview. Interview transcription is required by many firms such as market research companies, universities carrying out research project, academic scholars for their research, professors for their projects and presentations. Students also undertake research interviews as part of their coursework as interview transcription helps in making the information more manageable and allow including it in a final published product. Journalists record interviews to be published in magazines and newspapers.

Why Transhiva?

rightAffordable Interview Transcription

rightHigher Accuracy

rightCost Effective Interview Transcription

rightOn Time Delivery

rightQuality Interview Transcription

rightSecure & Confidential

We offer a Number of Transcription Services Including:

Video Transcription

Video Transcription Services

We have professional and certified transcribers who are expert in performing best quality English Video Transcription Services.

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Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription Services

Get on time audio to text transcripts at affordable rates. We guarantee you 99% accurate transcripts of audio recordings (mp3, wav etc.).

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Webinar Transcription

Webinar Transcription Services

Get cost-effective Webinar Transcription Services at an affordable rate and save up to 50% to 60% cost by outsourcing it to us.

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General Transcription

General Transcription Services

Transhiva provides excellent general transcription services within your reach at the most attractive prices and benefits.

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Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Services

Transhiva is a leading professional medical transcription service provider which guarantees reliable transcription services at an affordable rate.

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Realtime Transcription

Realtime Transcription Services

Get instant realtime transcription services from Transhiva and convert your speech to text even if you are not physically present.

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Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription Services

Convert your legal audio/video recordings into written format with our best quality and cost effective legal transcription services.

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Podcast Transcription

Podcast Transcription Services

Get high level accuracy with quick turnaround professional podcast and webcast services of your audio, video and screencast podcasts.

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Pharmaceutical Transcription

Pharmaceutical Transcription Services

Get highest quality pharmaceutical transcripts without compromising on the confidentiality of the data as it involves sensitive information.

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Academic Transcription

Academic Transcription Services

Get comprehensive and professional academic transcription services and ensures highest possible academic quality standards.

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Lecture Transcription

Lecture Transcription Services

Our Lecture Transcription Services help you in reaching to your academic goals by providing you with accurate textual transcripts of lectures.

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Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription Services

Transcribe your recorded audio/video interviews at low cost now with Transhiva and enjoy various benefits available.

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Focus Group Transcription

Focus Group Transcription Services

Outsource focus group transcription service with us and get access to accurate, efficient and cost effective Focus Group Transcription Services.

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Business Transcription

Business Transcription Services

Convert your business live or recorded speech into written electronic text document through our Business Transcription Services.

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Conference Transcription

Conference Transcription Services

A Conference normally involves one or more speakers either addressing an audience or holding a conversation across a telephone line to discuss.

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Corporate Transcription

Corporate Transcription Services

We deliver accurate and reliable transcription services and meet all your Corporate Business Transcription needs.

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Market Research Transcription

Market Research Transcription Services

Transhiva provides you with world class, fast, accurate, efficient and reliable Market Research Transcription Services easily.

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Documentary & Film Transcription

Documentary & Film Transcription Services

Filmmaking is an art. A documentary film can be defined as a visual presentation of reality and is a new art form for discovering your life.

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Media Transcription Services

Media Transcription Services

Get accurate, professional Entertainment Industry Transcripts and Media Transcription Services at affordable rates.

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Insurance Transcription

Insurance Transcription Services

Our skilled transcription professionals are trained individuals who guarantee you with high quality insurance transcripts.

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Sermon Transcription

Sermon Transcription Services

Transhiva provide you with expert Sermon Transcription Services for church and pastors with quick turnaround.

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Online Transcription

Online Transcription Services

In no time, convert your audio/video recordings in written format quickly and efficiently through our Professional Online Transcription Services.

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