1. Confidentiality agreement is the specific non-disclosure contract, is essential, and involves the consent process that seeks to secure the source of data. Employees of Transhiva sign a confidentiality agreement prior to working for someone, assure that documents going through our system are highly protected and never disclose to anyone.


2. The legally bound agreement before signing a contract, the data will be completely deleted from computer within 15 days after completion & submission of file on the agreed date.


3. We provide guidelines that the recorded confidential data transferred to Transhiva does not share or forward to third parties without the consent of the client.


4. Transhiva also refrain from making any copies of the files. We keep recorded File safely on a password protected computer that is only accessible by the signatories of this agreement.


5. This agreement is valid as the data might be sensitive to be shared, hence confidentiality need to be guaranteed.