Transhiva handles both Interlingual & Intralingual Subtitling and Captioning Assignments depending on the need of our clients. Our team of expert translators & transcribers possess in-depth knowledge of subtitling process which not only are carried out according to international standards, but also helps your business to grow worldwide. Our aim is to deliver high quality subtitling services with maximum accuracy that matches our client’s requirements. Our services are customer-driven, flexible & cost effective which enables you to choose a solution as per your needs.

We perform subtitling services for both Online & Offline Visual Mediums. The world class technology adopted by our company enables us to deal with different subtitling language projects. We provide you subtitle files which you can place into the videos yourself or we can render you with final subtitled videos ready to be uploaded to your website or YouTube with the style, format, color and font you prefer.

Subtitling is a segment of extensive territory of Audio Visual Translation which includes dubbing, voiceover and audio description. It not only just translate the delivered voices, but also other relevant language in videos such as signs, letters, captions and other written words. Subtitling is also a form of translation services which are specific and straight forward for the audience. It helps to translate movies or program to the language of the target audience as addition of subtitles to video contents is one of the most cost effective way to reach to the people in other languages. Subtitling also is the most popular medium adopted by production organization, for developing training materials, e-learning contents and other different offline/online video contents.

We Provide Subtitling Services With

• High Quality at Low Subtitling Rates of $5/Min*

• Support all Type of Files

• 100% Satisfaction

• 24/7 Live Support

• Cater Over 50 Languages

• Quick, Accurate & Fast Delivery