Transhiva provides a myriad of administrative and business support services to their clients around the globe. Transhiva provides services such as sales support, research, social networking, blog management and other administrative tasks. We support and assist many of your departments in sales and marketing, web, administration etcetera. We understand the importance of your work and ensure that your requirements are looked after at the earliest in the finest manner possible.

Modern technology is helping businesses work to achieve their goals in effective and innovative ways. One of the ways by which companies are getting their work done more efficiently nowadays is by using virtual. Virtual assistant can be a great asset to any company, but it’s important to choose qualified virtual assistant and track their time and productivity.

Our Virtual Assistant Services are as follows:

Receptionist & Admin Tasks: Data entry, CRM Management, Scheduling, Transcription, Billing and Bookkeeping.

Real Estate Tasks: Posting MLS Data on various sites, Short Sales and Loss Mitigation to focus on closing.

Customer Support: Customer Support Tasks like Email Queries, Tech Support and Live Chat.

Personal & Executive Assistance: If you're an entrepreneur or business manager, chances are there that you're very busy. In that scenario, you can outsource your virtual assistant from Transhiva for services like Purchases, Emails and Meetings.

SEO & Internet Marketing: SEO is an effective & time consuming marketing technique. Our Virtual Assistants are trained in modern SEO techniques to get your website ranked.