Transhiva, One-Stop Company for all your transcription, translation and language solution needs. Our Advantages...

Extreme Accuracy

When you use any transcription services, the ultimate expectation of the clients is to have 100% accuracy and efficiency. Transhiva promises to deliver exceptionally high quality documents, met by a stringent, three-level quality control process. Every file undergoes through a three-level quality check, initially by the transcriptionist working on the file, followed by the proof-reader and the quality analyst. Transhiva has enforced this methodology very efficiently and thus all our transcripts are delivered with an accuracy of over 99% with the highest precision rate among all the industry. Our dedicated transcriptionists, proof-readers, researchers and analysts ensure that the right abbreviations, acronyms and terms are being used, as the way it has been spoken in the recording.

Hence, when it comes to a matter of accurate, reliable and professional transcription service, Transhiva is the right choice.

Honest Pricing

Transhiva provides the most cost-effective options to meet your transcription, translation and language solution needs, in all our standard, professional, business and enterprise-level features. In order to ensure maximum transparency with our clients, we have published the prices on our websites and have no hidden fees. We believe in rendering our customer an elaborate insight into the process, so that our clients can keep a track on the work progress. Our objective is to have a simple and easy to use transcription service that delights our clients.

We always try to maintain a perfect equilibrium of mechanization and manual intervention which is the main reason behind us being one of the leading transcription services companies. Special discounts are also available for large volume projects with terms and condition applied.

High Confidentiality

We aspire long-term relationships with our clients. We understand the fact that privacy is a term which client mostly emphasis on, when it comes to personal or confidential business documents. We take the utmost precautions to safeguard all the essential documents and information of the clients entrusted to us. The whole process takes place through an online portal that has been especially designed to make sure that the data is secure and is only accessible to the authorized person, login via IDs. Moreover every transcriptionist in our company is entitled to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

At Transhiva, we value trust and ensure that all of our transcription services and everything that we designed can sustain your trust and peace of mind.

Fast Turnaround Time

There is a famous saying “Time is money”. Client mainly looks for fast turnaround time transcription services for their audio and video recordings to meet their timelines. Transhiva ensures that the requirement is delivered within the specified time with any compromise being done on quality. Our experience and expertise in transcription services and loyalty toward client satisfaction has driven us to invent a range of TAT to provide maximum benefits to our clients. Generally, we meet your expectations and deliver it within 24 hours, however, the turnaround times may vary by the order size.

High Quality 3-Level Check Model

We use a patented three-step quality control process that ensures the highest level of accuracy and quality in all transcriptions services that we deliver. We guarantee maximum quality in all the work we do and we can redo any work that doesn’t meet the accuracy expectations. As already discussed every file goes through our unique 3-Level check model where each transcript is reviewed three times. Initially, it is being reviewed by an experienced transcriber and then by the proof-reader and the quality analyst. We ensure 99.99% error-free document before the transcript is being delivered to the client. This is why we’re being able to offer such a high level of quality.

Optional Features

Most transcription projects don't need these features, but if required we can very well provide these features.

  • Time Stamps/Time Codes
  • Foreign Language Transcription
  • Background Noise
  • Heavy Background Noise
  • Light Accent
  • Strong Accent
  • Verbatim
  • Technical Terminology
  • Special Formatting